March 28, 2020

Why Strategic Product Management?

Like most Product Managers, I have a passion for crafting great products. However, “great” is a subjective term, especially in crowded marketplaces. Because of this, oftentimes the product, or even a single feature, becomes too central to the business decisions being made.

The Product Is Too Central?

As a Product Manager, it can be easy to forget that the product is only one piece of the larger puzzle. It’s easy to get customer feedback on a feature and think “We need to add this.” without considering if:

  • The impact of the change is substantial enough to warrant investment.
  • Adding the feature will help retain clients.
  • Adding the feature will help obtain new clients.
  • Adding the feature will change any support burden.
  • Adding the feature should impact my pricing model.

While these are just a few examples, there are a lot of facets in play with every one of these decisions, yet they are so often made in a vacuum.

Not A Step Back, But A Shift Towards Strategy

While it’s tempting to think of strategy as a “big picture” item and that, it actually exists at many different levels and scopes in the business tied to our products. Each of these levels can involve different managers and stakeholders, and the strategies can be implemented in different ways. This blog will focus on the many facets of strategy within the realm of product management.

And while most of my experience is with software, I believe most of these approaches can be applied more generally to all types of products. I look forward to you joining me on this journey…

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