March 28, 2020

The Interplay of Strategy and Vision

Once we have a good understanding of Strategy and Vision, we can begin understanding how the two work together.

Neither Strategy or Vision is stagnant. At least, they shouldn’t be. Instead, they should be part of a constant mutual refinement.

Let’s walk through a simple example:

Determine Where We Want To Be

Above, we’ve identified where we are currently at with our product (blue dot), and the vision for where we want to be (orange dot).

How We Plan To Get There

Once we have a vision for our target, we can then lay out a strategy to get there. In this case, we want to take the shortest path possible (purple line) to get to our target.

Executing On The Plan

As with any plan, rarely do things go exactly according to plan when executed (green line). Customer requests change, new technology emerges, and strategy can change. In this case, lets assume an implementation approach appeared good, but took us too far from our goal, so we backtracked and found a better approach.

Where We End Up

Once we’ve completed our plan execution, we may or may not be where we planned to be (yellow dot). While it may be tempting to call this “failure”, and sometimes it will be, most of the time other factors came into play that helped refine our vision, or the where we ended up was deemed to be “close enough” because the incremental investment was too high to close the gap.

The Plan’s Dead, Jim

Regardless, we’re at a new place now. And we know how we got here. We have artifacts to learn from and refine our new vision.


And that’s exactly what we’ll do: evaluate where we are, where we want to be, and determine a plan to get there. Again, we’ll probably end up a little off course, but if we’re picking the right targets, we’re creating a better product for our customers.

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